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  • Quality Customer Service: 5 Business Tips

    14.08.2019 - By Danny Cater

    When you consider the term customer, for most customer service jobs you immediately think customer service outsourcing, someone external to a business that pays for goods or services. However, many recruitment blogs often overlook that customer service skills include internal responsibilities.

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  • Love or Hate Them, Are KPIs Necessary?

    10.07.2019 - By

    My motivation for discussing KPIs began after concluding interview questions with potential candidates, many of whom asked me about KPIs. When I asked, "do you have any questions for me?" the candidates often replied with “I do not want to work in a business that has KPIs, do you have any business development KPIs?”

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  • Hiring for Diversity

    29.05.2019 - By Chris Aust

    I want to highlight two factors that could influence the way you read this. Firstly this is my first attempt at writing a blog, so forgive me if it isn’t to your taste or preferred writing style. Secondly and more importantly, this article is in no way trying to avoid the fact that there will be some people out there that have experienced discriminatory practices in some companies.

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  • My Journey to HR Director

    20.03.2019 - By

    We are not defined by our gender, and this is completely true.

    I have worked in the recruitment industry for over 15 years and most recently within the IT recruitment sector, which is predominately male-dominated – and it has never held me back.

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  • An update from our Managing Director - Project 2020, Values & Mission Statement

    01.03.2019 - By

    At Square One we're embarking on an exciting period of growth; we have an ambitious strategy that will see a sustained development of the business over the next two years and beyond. Since becoming Managing Director last year, I have been identifying what it is that we need to achieve and the timescales this will entail.

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  • "Show determination and ambition. Your gender should not define you” - Daniella Aristides. #WIR

    21.11.2018 - By

    “Working in recruitment has allowed me to progress my career at a rapid rate, and live a life I love. In a male dominated industry, being a woman has not slowed me down. Show determination and ambition. Your gender should not define you"

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