Edge AI, Computer Vision Edge Computing and The Future

Edge AI, Computer Vision Edge Computing and The Future

As we continue to immerse ourselves in all the emerging technologies our clients need, it's essential to stay up-to-date on all the latest and greatest innovations. One such innovation is the union of Edge AI or Edge computing and Computer Vision.

The introduction of cloud computing has become an essential part of AI evolution. As more businesses, across a whole spectrum of industries, push toward a cloud-based future, it has also paved the way for more robust and essential AI.


What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing refers to the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without the user having to control them directly. This has been vital in the last few years, especially as many businesses have gone through or are currently undergoing a digital transformation. More companies see the benefit and the need to store their information on a cloud-based platform and have begun to do so.

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According to proponents of public and hybrid clouds, cloud computing enables businesses to stop or reduce upfront IT technology costs.


What is Edge AI?

Essentially, Edge AI is a hybrid of edge computing and artificial intelligence and is commonly referred to as Edge AI Computing. Locally, AI algorithms are stored, either on the computer itself or a server nearby. The algorithms make use of the data provided by the devices. Without needing to link to the Internet or the cloud, devices may make independent decisions in mere milliseconds.

Edge AI Computing has been making great leaps in various forms of AI and automation. Some popular Edge AI examples include self-driving cars, such as Tesla's and manufacturing quality control through advanced machine vision. Edge AI Computing has also been complemented with other forms of emerging technologies such as computer vision.


What is Computer Vision Edge Computing?

Alongside the innovation in cloud computing, AI has reached new peaks and intertwines itself with cloud computing. One unique aspect of this is how edge AI has been coupled with computer vision. Computer vision edge computing looks to bring the best of both computer vision and edge computing to deliver clients and their businesses new possibilities.

Computer vision is the discipline of how computers acquire an in-depth understanding of digital images and videos. This essentially looks to automate the human eye and human image recognition. Computer Vision Edge Computing then looks to marry how said images are acquired and stored, and processed by the AI device in question. One such example of computer vision edge computing is how Tesla's Autopilot mode works. The AI will process images of vehicles, the road, and pedestrians and make the necessary decisions based on the information processed.


A Future of Emerging Technologies

As AI continues to grow in its applications and capabilities, there seem to be no limits to the possibilities. Computer Vision Edge Computing is just one example of how innovation within the emerging technologies sector is incredibly versatile and continues to change the way we interact with our environments.