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From Recruitment Consultant to Managing Director

From Recruitment Consultant to Managing Director

Square One has appointed Adam Breacher as their managing director. He joined the company in June 2007 as a recruitment consultant and has always been an integral part of the Square One team.

Since joining the company, Adam has achieved nine promotions, with the most recent seeing him become the company’s MD. In his new role, Adam will be focused on developing the company’s presence in Europe and North America. He also wants to identify new markets that the UK contract teams can evolve into.

He added, “From an Operational perspective, I want to identify how we can get more value add from the hugely experienced managers we have in these areas. This will benefit the sales floor as well as give those involved in the back office management, the opportunity to grow and keep learning. Overall I want to continue to build on the success that we have achieved previously, and continue to offer people at Square One the chance to grow.”

Discussing how the industry has changed since he first joined, he commented, “[There has been a] big shift in the stability of the client relationships we hold, sales floor now has everyone trying to win 360 business.

Far more professional workplace now and there is more structure than previously. People know where they stand with the management team as they are all really approachable. Sales people are more accountable for their own success. Business is ready to take the next step.”

Adam Breacher
Adam joined Square One back in 2007 as a consultant, and through his work ethic and dedication has worked his way up through the ranks to become CEO. His tenacity and devotion to the Square One values have helped him to support his colleagues and push the business into new and exciting avenues. Adam loves to help those around him achieve and always looks for new ways for our team to reach new heights.