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  • "Show determination and ambition. Your gender should not define you” - Daniella Aristides. #WIR

    21.11.2018 - By

    “Working in recruitment has allowed me to progress my career at a rapid rate, and live a life I love. In a male dominated industry, being a woman has not slowed me down. Show determination and ambition. Your gender should not define you"

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  • It's OK not to be OK - World Mental Health Day 2018

    10.10.2018 - By

    We understand the importance of Mental Health at Square One. A few of our employees have shared stories today about their struggles with mental health and the support they recieved here at Square One. 

    It's OK not to be Ok.

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  • Tim Harlow - 10 years at Square One Resources

    04.10.2018 - By

    Tim Harlow talks about the past, present and future of Square One!

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  • From Recruitment Consultant to Managing Director - We congratulate Adam Breacher on his promotion

    03.10.2018 - By

    Square One has appointed Adam Breacher as their managing director. He joined the company in June 2007 as a recruitment consultant and has always been an integral part of the Square One team.

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  • How to save money with SAP licensing

    27.08.2018 - By

    One of the biggest criticisms of SAP is that the software is too expensive for small and medium-sized businesses. However, with different licensing models, the software is looking to dispel the myth that it’s only for blue-chip corporations.

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  • What is the difference between SAP ECC and SAP HANA?

    24.08.2018 - By

    SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) provided modules that covered a full range of business applications including logistics, finance and HR. All of these were linked together by a customisable system run through a database of the company’s choice.

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“Square One has always managed to find me the right people for the job, and invariably faster than other recruitment agencies – sometimes within the same day.”

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