Corporate Social

We take corporate social responsibility seriously, so much so that we appoint new members to our dedicated CSR team every year.

The members are volunteers who want to organise the efforts to raise funds for our chosen charity of the year (nominated by our employees) through various engaging and fun activities.

These activities bring our employees together to help create opportunities so that others can benefit from our hard work and commitment to various causes.

Our Total Funds
Raised For Charity Since 2019



Embodying Our Values

CSR is at the heart of our beliefs, from raising essential funds for charities and causes to committing to important initiatives within our business. Corporate Social Responsibility not only makes the world a better place but also helps our employees know that we don't just talk about our values; we embody them through our actions.

Every year we hold multiple themed event days and encourage all employees to take part in raising much-needed money for our chosen charity. We also allow employees paid time off to volunteer hands-on help with anything the charity needs assistance with.

Our Recent Activites

At our Valentine's Day event this year our employees made and sold baked goods and scented candles, with all proceeds going to charity
On International Cancer Day we raised £834 for CoppaFeel!, a vital charity who helps those battling breast cancer and encourages early testing
To mark our 20th birthday celebrations we planted 20 trees to help the environment and decrease carbon monoxide levels
At a difficult time when I was halfway through my chemotherapy treatment, Square One came together as a family to support the Macmillan charity.

The great efforts by everyone that day helped raise a tremendous amount of money that went towards helping support other sufferers. I will be forever grateful, beyond words, to Square One and am proud of the efforts made on that and many other charity days that have followed.
Joseph Whipp
Projects Manager