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The telecommunications industry is always in flux due to new technologies introduced into the market. As we enter the era of 5G, many providers are building more extensive, complex systems across the UK and Europe. The future is one that will require skilled FTTx and mobile professionals to make these projects come to life. Having the ability to find qualified professionals ready to meet stringent deadlines can make all the difference for your business. Our team of consultants have one of the most impressive placement histories in the industry. We have helped provide the expertise that has already built some of Europe's most significant mobile and FTTx systems. 

Our network of talented candidates also includes professionals in civil works, design and engineering, C-level leadership, site survey, and more. We separate ourselves from other agencies by our rapid response time, often reducing hiring times by up to 40%, our ability to work closely between client and candidate, and our relentless ability to find the perfect solution for all parties. 

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FTTH Adoption Continues to Improve

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A lot has changed in recent years, and as we go further into a digitised future, FTTH adoption continues to grow. Working within this market, we can track the positive indicators of FTTH adoption across the UK and Europe. Curious to find out some of the indicators?

1. COVID-19 has pushed data traffic and broadband demands to new levels since people needed to stay home. This has required a move towards scalable technology, with greater fibre integration, higher bandwidth and lower latency needs.

2. Many companies have announced the decommissioning of their copper-based networks in favour of full-fibre solutions.

3. Municipalities and utilities have announced the extension of fibre networks in rural areas where networks aren't as economically viable. FTTH network sharing arrangements between users and suppliers are becoming more common. There's also more interest in single-build deployments that use wholesale and infrastructure-centric network builders.

4. As part of their digital agendas, governments encourage the introduction of fibre networks to offer faster data rates to more people. These programmes also include allocating public funds to provide FTTH access to rural areas. To prevent virus exposure, more people are teleworking in more remote locations.

5. More proposals for 5G deployment have been announced in European countries. These plans encourage the introduction of fibre, bringing FTTH networks closer to end-users.


It's no wonder that the future looks bright for the telecommunications industry as the surge in both subscribers and home installations continues to rise. What's more, the forecast for the near future also looks strong as the below graph shows.


European FTTH/B Historical and Forecasts (2012-2026)

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