Women in 

Recruitment, especially tech recruitment, has been historically a male-dominated sector. However, in recent years there has been a shift in this. As more women and BAME individuals enter the recruitment and tech sector, their voices have grown louder and have begun an essential dialogue on how to best change and improve the recruitment sector to be more inclusive and diverse.


It’s Our Workplace, Let’s Make It Right

Our Women In Recruitment (WiR) team meets regularly to discuss attracting, developing, and retaining more female talent. In addition to introducing various ways to ensure that we are committed to gender equality within the business, we look to introduce new protocols & events to celebrate the women in our business.

This initiative is led by Ellie Mitchell, Senior HR Advisor & Will Blohm, Sales Director.

Mission Statement

From building on relationships within Square One, with diversity, equality and inclusivity at the forefront, our Women in Recruitment initiative aims to promote and develop successful careers for Women within the recruitment sector.

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Top Candidates in Tech

Celebrating our 25th anniversary recently, we have seen recruitment change a lot. Work-life balances are changing, the importance of diversity and inclusion is being more openly discussed and a new remote working era has begun. That's why it's important to understand that the right hire comes in all shapes and sizes.

Let us find the right addition to your team and help build your brand. We connect some of the most skilled candidates with innovative and forward-thinking brands.

At Square One, we take equality and diversity seriously, and that’s why the Women in Recruitment (WiR) initiative is supported by all levels of the business. WiR aims to promote and attract female talent into what has historically been a male-dominated sector.

Our Recent
Team Activites

Our Women in Recruitment team were recently treated to a night out for an evening of putting, food and drinks at Junkyard Golf. Thank you all for the hard work you put in day-in-day-out.  

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