Tim Harlow talks about the past, present and future of Square One!

Talk to us about the beginning of your journey at Square One

I came across Square One in 1996 when the business was run by the current Shareholders and a small dynamic SAP sales team. They were the best in the business at understanding that particular market place, the factors affecting supply and demand and how to develop a close network of clients and contractors in niche sectors. I also knew they had diversified a lot since those early days, so when the opportunity to join arose in 2008, I couldn’t wait to be part of a business where the culture was such an important focal point, and which centred upon empowering and developing their entire staff.


How has recruitment changed since you started 1o years ago?

In ten years, I have witnessed so many successes amongst the Square One family. So many individuals have progressed whilst working here that many instances stand out.

Recruitment is not an easy sector to stand out in - there is ever increasing competition from other suppliers, complex regulation and new innovative sourcing methods coming into the business. We have always excelled due to committed and talented people working for us. The challenge is always therefore how to attract and maintain such individuals and allow them the opportunity to continually be challenged and grow within our business.

I am lucky in that Square One allows me to both help develop others to achieve what they are capable of in their lives, and also be inspired by the many charismatic people that work here alongside me. The time has flown by but we have many wonderful memories of successes (and tough times too) which we have gone through and I can’t wait for the many more that we plan to have as the business continues to grow into the next decade and beyond.


What does the future of Square One look like?

Reputation is everything for a business and we work hard to ensure that we gain the respect and appreciation of our clients and candidates alike, and I know we try our best daily to uphold that. It has a deep history here of nearly 30 years of recruiting which we cherish. I am proud that so far we have managed to work with tens of thousands of individuals during our tenure and remember that we must ensure that each and every assignment remains special to us.

As a business, we are on a journey to becoming the largest independent IT recruiter in the UK and we are focused on becoming the largest through our organic growth plans and training academies.

We are absolutely committed to providing a hugely rewarding, straight talking, ambitious and opportunity-full environment for those people who want that little bit more out of life and are prepared to go out and get it.

We will remain an organisation where you can become a true expert in your field and enjoy a voice in the way that Square One develops every day.

We can provide all it takes for an ambitious individual to accelerate through life and enjoy the rewards that recruitment has always been able to offer ! There will always be room here for those that work that little bit harder and smarter.