We’re All About
Team Culture

Our goal has always been to create an environment where our team can thrive, learn, and reach new heights in their careers, which has been integral to our success. On top of this, we value our employee's health at every turn and offer some of the sector's best wellbeing and benefits packages.

We're not only an award-winning brand but also a business that looks to help one another, create new initiatives, and adapt to an ever-changing marketplace. Our passion is to nurture and promote a dynamic work culture, help grow careers, and build teams for our clients.

Our Core Values


Our drive is unparalleled, as is our goal is to help you find the right recruitment solutions


With 25 years in the industry, we strive to continuously improve our services and solutions


We hold ourselves to the highest degree of accountability and encourage your feedback


We don't work 9-5; we work until we find the perfect candidates for our clients

At Square One, our company culture and employee wellbeing are paramount. That's why I'm proud of the myriad of initiatives that we have taken onboard. Some of these include our Diversity Now team, Women in Recruitment and our yearly charity. Our goal is to create a workplace community where you're empowered to achieve your goals.

Committed to Ensuring the
Wellbeing of Our Team

Wellbeing comes at the forefront of all our business decisions.

We listen to each team member, take their feedback on board and continuously improve our work culture. We also look to herald new initiatives that matter to our employees.

Our Diversity Now, Women in Recruitment, and CSR groups are just some of the ones we're passionate about and promote.

All-In-One Benefits
& Wellbeing

Company Car
Exercise Day
Taste Card
Healthcare Services
Long Service
Recognition Awards
Assistance Program
Days Off
Yearly Gym
Cycle to Work
Day Off

It’s All About
the Benefits

While we will always offer benefits, such as travel insurance, private health care, dental and optometrist coverage, we firmly believe that wellbeing encompasses an individual's state of mind. We offer all employees a 24-hour employee assistance programme that provides confidential support and counselling.

This allows everyone at Square One an avenue to safely and confidentially deal with any issues that may be causing unnecessary stress to their everyday lives.

We believe that a happy team builds a stronger brand.

With families spread worldwide, finding time to spend quality time together is difficult. We don't want our employees to feel they have to divide their annual leave between well-earned holidays and visiting family.

So to help contribute to a better work-life balance, we've implemented a Working From Abroad benefit.

This allows employees to work for up to two weeks per year in their home countries while visiting family, without needing to use their annual leave.

Another great benefit is our extended gym lunches. Not only does Square One pay for your monthly gym membership, but we also allow those who love their gym sessions extra time to exercise during their lunch hour. No one likes to feel they have to workout, shower and eat all within an hour!

The impact that exercise has on an individual's mental and physical health can not be stressed enough, and we are happy to provide a way to help all of our teammates maintain their overall wellbeing.

For those who may not want a gym membership we offer a monthly cash alternative.