Why Hire a Contract Developer

Why Hire a Contract Developer

With Tech being one of the largest sectors in the UK, there can often be many options and opportunities when it comes to hiring a developer for your business. If you are looking to hire a developer, the first question is, will you hire a contract developer or a full-time developer?

There are benefits to both options. What matters is your budget and your business needs. Hiring a contract developer vs a full-time employee can offer your business a great deal of flexibility and reduce the time it takes to hire someone. With that in mind, here are five key reasons you would want to hire a contract developer


A Contract Developer Requires Minimal/No Training


A seasoned developer who has had their share of software developer projects is already familiar with the ins and outs of software development. Even if you can find a software developer with some experience, there will usually be a significant amount of time spent learning about the latest Apple and Google technologies or determining the best ways to browse your company's process. Meanwhile, a competent contractor can save you time and money and would be able to contribute on their first day.


Hiring a Contract Developer is Cost-Effective

While the implementation of IR35 legislation has had a significant impact on contractors, they are responsible for their payroll taxes and benefits. They also manage their own IT needs, have their own Quality Assurance and screening methods, and use their own servers, network, back-end and front-end tech and software. This can significantly reduce your business' overhead and allow you to allocate costs to another department while still meeting your developer needs. On the other hand, a full-time employee can be a massive drain on your company's resources.


Quality Developers Are HeadHunted

Because the tech market is so competitive and often, depending on the sector, it is a candidate market. This means that genuinely exceptional development contractors are often headhunted instead of spending their time looking for their next role. If you hire a contractor or consultant rather, you will receive a skilled professional in great demand who has the abilities you need to get the job done. Another point to consider is that the contractor tech market is much more saturated and more likely to find the perfect candidate in a shorter amount of time—some of the best software development companies in London use contractors.


Temporary Problem Solvers for Temporary Issues

If you are uncertain whether you will need a developer later down the line or are hesitant about the economic future, a contractor may be the best choice. The fact that the contractor will come in either on a project-by-project basis or a limited-period contract means that your business won't have to worry about any long-term employment impact. It also helps with separation if, for whatever reason, the developer isn't a good fit or you simply are looking for a different person to fill the role.


Flexibility to Meet Your Business Needs

Arguably one of the most favourable advantages to hiring a contract developer is that they are adaptable. Contractors give you the flexibility to respond to market needs and demands as they arise. They're used to working in various settings, for a variety of personalities, and for varying lengths of time. Additionally, hiring a contractor developer allows you to assess whether you have a long-term work requirement in a specific role.


These are a few of the benefits to consider when deciding whether to hire a contractor or a full-time developer. Much of the market is dictated by supply and demand, which is no wonder why hiring exceptional permanent developers will take a longer time, more money and potentially more risk. Whereas going with a contractor will help alleviate some of those costs and risks. However, ultimately it is up to the demands of your business that matter most and will help you make the right decision.